Leaked – Audi’s new highline family revealed image

An official sketch that depicts the high-end family of the German automaker has leaked on the internet and, surprise – surprise, we’re dealing with another case of evolutionary design for the new A6, A7 and A8.

Audi’s chief designer Marc Lichte discussed with representatives of the media from France about the all-new A8 and the company’s other important top-roster models – the A7 and A6. And he came prepared – because the trio of new premium models from Ingolstadt were also showcased in a sketch to try and point out the differences between them. At first sight, the cars look almost the same – and we’re pretty sure may people will mistake one for the other on the street. But the details do make the difference when you can see all three together: for example the single frame corporate grille has different configurations for all three models. It’s imposing on the A8, sportier on the A7 and slightly smaller and associated with a different bumper for the A6.

The chrome trim for each is also vastly different – the A8 of course packs the most as we would expect from the flagship car. The A7 again uses the chrome for sporty details and uses very little of it in exchange for a darker theme. The A6, meanwhile, has a pair of L-shaped bits of chrome trim. The headlights are again a different story for each one. The A8 has them very close to the huge grille while on the A7 and A6 the clusters and grille have a visible distance in between. The LED daytime running light signature is also different for each of the three.

Via L’argus.fr