Leaked – Australian Safety Rating Agency spills the beans on 2017 Holden Trailblazer image

The 2017 model year Holden Trailblazer SUV wasn’t supposed to be officially introduced for another month or so, but the authorities decided to reward fans with an early preview.

This is courtesy of the Australian crash safety rating agency which announced the results of the tests performed on the model – and Holden must be going nuts now about the outside agency showcasing their new crossover. On the other hand the Trailblazer did post a five star rating within the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). Holden announced the new Trailblazer as an upscale successor to the Colorado 7 model it replaces, and from the looks of it the company delivered. The front fascia has a large, more angular grille, for a more solid – masculine – appearance in Trailblazer’s case. There’s also chrome trim here and there.

There’s no image with the cabin yet, but given the stakes we can expect an update in terms of quality and design as well compared to the Colorado 7. Under the bare metal the SUV will be more than ready for the Australian outback as it has the same separate chassis as the new generation Colorado pickup truck – though it’s not the same Colorado as the one deployed on the US market. The Trailblazer is actually pretty much identical up to the C pillar with the Australian double-cab Colorado, with a different style deployed for the Trailblazer’s station wagon body.

Via Caradvice.com.au