Leaked – “Baby” Honda NSX patent surfaces to reveal the interior image

While the Japanese automaker is happy to sell the reborn NSX in its high-tech hybrid configuration, it seems it’s also mulling whether to give fans what they want – a “baby” version.

About two years “baby NSX” patent images were all over the Internet, but the rumor died out afterwards – now it’s back with a vengeance, in better quality and also presenting the interior. There’s a removable roof that’s been taken virtually down, so the small sports car is showcasing its driver-oriented credentials – though the traits from the larger NSX are quite hard to see. The F1-inspired steering wheel seems to suggest we’re dealing with a possible concept instead of a production vehicle – and the previous patent leak also showed a car with cameras instead of conventional mirrors – a sure sign of a showcar.

Leaked - “Baby” Honda NSX patent surfaces to reveal the interior 2

The patent images seen here have originated from the European Union Intellectual Property Office, but there’s no information attached to them. Another registration from Honda might point out towards a “ZSX” moniker as a nod to the more potent NSX – the company registered the name at the EUIPO on July 26, 2016. We shouldn’t also forget the rumors about the possible reincarnation of the S2000 and we have a mystery on our hands as to what strategy the automaker will adopt.

Via Auto Guide