The production version BMW X2 wasn’t entirely a surprise design for us – all we had to do is take another good look at the namesake concept and imagine it without some of its showcar traits.

But now our imagination is even less put to work because the Internet has recently uncovered patent drawings registered with the Japanese bureau of intellectual property on February 22 – most likely depicting the final design of the road-ready version. The final stylistic changes for the production X2 are the ones to be expected – normal side mirrors, less aggressive front bumper, along with a less interesting shape for the headlights if we measure the front. On the side the X2 comes with traditional door handles, while at the back we find more conventional exhaust tips and larger, more squared taillights.

Leaked – BMW X2 revealed in patent filling 4

The first generation X2 does stay quite true to form in terms of general shape to the namesake concept – and we’re getting another coupe-inspired SUV in the process to compliment the X4 and X6 in the automaker’s range. Naturally, the X2 is going to share most of the powertrain components with the front-wheel drive X1, and we might be seeing it shine in front of the spotlight at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show this fall, before reaching dealerships early next year.



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