Leaked – Buick Velite concept is way different than the Volt image

We already know the Chevrolet Volt will get a rebadged version as the Buick Velite for China – but unfortunately we’re pretty sure the production version is not going to be just as spectacular as this leaked concept.

The Buick Velite will debut later on this week during the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, but before that happens it found its way onto the web – albeit in a grainy low-res official image. Because production mules spied with the Buick badge showed nothing more than a rebadged Chevrolet Volt, many specialists expected the Velite concept to follow suite – but fortunately at least in this instance it’s not the case. The design is substantially different – being a futuristic take on the Opel/Vauxhall compact hatchback. It looks great and we’re hoping Chevrolet is at least paying attention and considering these cues for the third generation of the plug in hybrid.

Other than the spectacular design, the concept is a show car through and through – huge alloys, cameras for side mirrors, headlights that seem to employ matrix LED technology – there doesn’t seem to be any door handles or even B pillars. This could mean we’re dealing with scissor doors that will grant extended access to an equally futuristic interior. Unfortunately, we’re pretty much sure the production version will follow the test mule trend – meaning it will have minimal changes to the styling when adopting the Buick badge.

Via Auto.Sohu.com