Is this a bespoke order, a Maserati version for the LaFerrari, a futuristic take on the flagship for an auto show – or the proposed idea for the next iteration of the hypercar?!

It’s actually anyone’s guess as to what this stands for. Ferrari has recently applied for registration of the design we see here with the European Union Intellectual Property Office in August of 2016, but only now the interesting images have been published on EUIPO’s website. No information is available – aside from the fact that it’s an official patent of Ferrari S.p.A. and the styling belongs to Flavio Manzoni, incidentally the company’s chief of design. As far as the design is concerned, it appears to be inspired by the sold-out LaFerrari coupe, albeit with completely different headlights represented only by a very thin strip of LEDs.

Leaked - Interestingly mysterious LaFerrari flagship spotted in the patent office 2

The same can be said about the taillights, which seem interconnected much in the way the Bugatti Chiron features an horizontal light strip. Up front there are huge vents and a massive splitter, while the back bumper is equally more aggressive than the LaFerrari and comes with two angular exhaust tips on each side instead of the quad exhaust round tips. Meanwhile, the side has a spectacular connection between the front and rear fenders and the A pillars and roof.


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