The entire automotive world has been taken by storm with the SUV craze – even Rolls-Royce is cooking up a V12-powered high-riding behemoth, so why should Lotus shy from the segment?

Lamborghini is on the verge of revealing – after years of knowing it will arrive – the Urus SUV in December, and even Ferrari – after years of denying – has admitted it has one in development. So, very small outlets such as British boutique automaker Lotus actually need such a model to ensure their survival – not to meet the trends and competition. Now that Volvo’s Chinese owner Geely has purchased them, the Norfolk-based automaker’s team also has the financial relaxation to come up with something good – and we hope it will be another example of how crazy they are about bringing performance models that are light as a feather on the road.

Leaked – Is this the Lotus SUV in patent images 0

A Lotus SUV isn’t exactly a secret – current CEO Jean-Marc Gales has hinted the company started development way back in 2015. But now we can also imagine how it will actually look like, courtesy of new leaked patent images from Chinese car site PCAuto. The main target for Lotus’ SUV will be the Porsche Cayenne, a benchmark in the segment, but it will also pay homage to previous models in its lineage – hence the classic Elise-inspired elements, such as the circular taillights.

Via PCAuto


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