These are quite interesting and exciting renders, but since this is a leak we advise you to take this with the usual dose of salt – be it of the Himalayan assortment.

Let’s start with the obvious questions that make our eyebrows go up to the third level. First of all, if these are “escaped” official renders why is the quality so shady? Then, those black side skirts clearly have “675LT” lettering. And lastly the background is really simple compared to official press renders the automakers prepare for the media outlets of the world. In case these are actually legit, these could also be screenshots captured from a special, private configurator – to which only special customers have access. If the latter assumption is correct, we could be looking at a customized long-tailed 675, complete with accessories that might also turn out on the rumored 688 High Sport (HS).

Anyways, compared to a standard 675LT, this special version that we see here has an active rear wing, roof scoop, ventilated fenders, and front canards. It also looks like it visited the carbon fiber shop for some trimming – as it makes extensive use of such components that bring enhanced structural rigidity and shave off more weight compared to the regular model (that one weighs 2,711 pounds – 1,230 kilograms, dry). Additionally, as the name is clear already – the 688 HS will come with an updated version of the biturbo 3.8-liter V8 engine churning out 688 horsepower (506 kilowatts).


Leaked – Is this the McLaren 688 HS in escaped official renders 0


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