Leaked – Is this the Mercedes-AMG Project One? image

We’re talking about Mercedes-Benz here, the automaker that seemingly can’t hold any of its models under wraps in recent times (remember the leaks of the E Class?!) – so we might be really see the Project One here.

Social media leaks are thriving – case in point, alternative rock band Linkin Park recently toured the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Carlsbad, California. The members of the group did a nice promo reel with a discussion with Mercedes-Benz design chief Gorden Wagener and then even entertained themselves by posing as wannabe designers and using the tools of the trade – the ones stylists use to fashion models out of clay and other materials.

It’s all nice and cozy for the PR stunt, but it seems the Mercedes team has – purposely or not – also embedded an Easter Egg among the photos from the session. In that particular image three members of the band have great fun with a clay model, which surprisingly looks like a modern mid-engine hypercar would if it got the Mercedes logo and AMG badge. This could be a subtle teaser for the Formula One-inspired hypercar, a simple slip up of the team or indeed a model for Project One – albeit one of the many entering the internal competition for the final design.

Leaked – Is this the Mercedes-AMG Project One0