Leaked – Is this the upcoming Volvo V90 Cross Country? image

We already knew all about the S90 and V90 exterior design thanks to numerous scale model leaks – but now the V90 Cross Country advance screening allegedly comes from the pages of a brochure.

The Swedish automaker is one of the stars of the premium segment as of late, but so far its security still has a lot of work before it reaches top notch status. Or maybe they’re willingly letting slip the news to keep fans and prospective clients enticed. Whatever the case, the latest report comes with a blurry picture from a brochure that has reached the world wide web ahead of the official premiere of the high-riding vehicle. Volvo was among the first automakers to offer pseudo-crossover vehicles based on its large V70 station wagon and now there are numerous others doing the same thing – including Mercedes with its brand new All-terrain E Class Estate due out in October during the Paris Motor Show.

We could also see the V90 Cross Country there though we’re expecting the Swedes to first premiere the model at home – just like they did with the S90 and V90 models. The image appears to be the real thing, since it depicts the V90 exactly in the way we expect it to appear. It appears there’s some enhancements to the suspension, as we can see the ride is a bit higher, while the rugged appearance is coming via the plastic body cladding. For added personality there’s also a refreshed rear bumper with metallic trim and integrated exhaust pipes. Another report is also stating the V90 Cross Country might reach the States because of its crossover-like credentials.

Via Burlappcar