Leaked – Japanese Toyota Vitz showed on video – it’s the 2017 Yaris image

The soon to be refreshed 2017 Toyota Yaris – arguably coming as a worldwide introduction during the Geneva Motor Show – has been revealed in its home version, dubbed Vitz via a leaked video presentation.

Toyota’s upcoming Yaris – called Vitz at home in Japan – has been unofficially revealed by a Japanese website, weeks ahead of the model’s intended debut. Since we’re dealing with a mid life-cycle refresh, the design is not entirely changed from the current model, but we can see the subcompact model take the “X” design from the smaller Aygo sibling, and the taillights have also been thoroughly reworked compared to the original. The rear clusters are now a lot more massive, being extended horizontally when compared to the current version, possibly making them a lot more visible.

The video seemingly confirms – at least at home in Japan – the continued existence of the hybrid version, with Toyota being the only one to offer such an option in the segment, in Europe. The three and five-door models also remain in the cards, as we already saw the official new performance variant that uses the three-door body. According to another leak, the car should be 3945mm long, 1695mm wide and 1500mm high – which is 20mm longer and 10mm lower than the current car – and with a wheelbase of 2510mm.

Via Autocar