Leaked – Jeep’s K8 hybrid concept shows up before Auto Shanghai debut image

The concept has been previewed not long ago by the company, also showing its intentions to premiere the model during the upcoming 2017 Auto Shanghai in China.

Now the Internet has done its work and we have two intriguing design sketches that might represent the real deal – though they pose just as many questions as the preceding teasers. According to the rumor mill, this is the Jeep K8, a concept featuring a hybrid powertrain. It’s not going to be just for show either, because the reports are also making it a preview for an upcoming China-focused SUV that should appear in the near future. We’re still not going to take this as 100 percent certain, so do take it all with a grain of salt. Anyways, the renders depict what is supposedly the Shanghai-coming concept – and as far as the design is concerned, we might be looking at an evolution of the Cherokee styling.

The idea is supported by recent spotting of prototypes of a long-wheelbase Cherokee while on trials on public roads, so the concept might actually be real and serve as the head note towards the arrival of a three-row Cherokee. We’re not going to bet on it being a fully-fledged seven seater that could take the VW Atlas for example, and more of a 5+2 that could take a fight against the Land Rover Discovery Sport. The Cherokee is also being produced locally for China, so it would make sense basing the new model on the same underpinnings for an easier production process.

Via Allpar.com

Leaked – Jeep’s K8 hybrid concept shows up before Auto Shanghai debut 1