Leaked – McLaren 720S is here in spilled official image image

While the British exotic automaker has been keen to entice us to its upcoming new generation Super Series model with a long running teaser marketing campaign, as always the Internet got the best of it.

We’ve actually seen the 720S quite a while back in a very poor still snatched from a private event – but now everything is revealed because this image belongs to the official press pack – after someone at Bloomberg “accidentally” released the image of the 650S successor (has been taken down since). We’re mere hours away from getting the official scoop though so expect all mysteries to be revealed soon – with the model appearing in the metal later on next week in front of the worldwide audience of the Geneva Motor Show. We’re even treated to an entirely spectacular image – the new dihedral doors provide ample space for the driver and passenger to fit snuggly in. And we can also see the refreshed cabin, which should come with a smart folding instrument cluster – according to the latest teaser (you can see it below).

As far as the design is concerned, we can see the 720S has become even more aggressive than before – but more importantly we have received the confirmation that “720S” will indeed be the new moniker. This also basically confirms there will be 720 PS (710 horsepower / 530 kilowatts) thanks to the biturbo 4.0-liter V8 engine. Other details have not been spilled, but we do know that McLaren will also bring a droptop Spider version – as well as a slew of special editions once customers get the hang of it.