Leaked – Mercedes-AMG hypercar seemingly revealed during presentation image

The highly-anticipated Mercedes-AMG Formula One-inspired hypercar has been purposely leaked in a teaser during a presentation of the company during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The imagine had the caption ‘Creating benchmark driving pleasure’, which is another way of saying those 1000 horsepower will be directed towards the unbinding pleaser of the human sitting behind the steering wheel. This will of course be the highest-performance Mercedes-AMG car – and whether it focuses or not on lap times it will surely be a sight to behold. As far as we can observe from the preview image there’s a big roof scoop and louvre vents adorn the rear upper panel, which is a confirmation to the mid-engine arrangement.

We can also see a wide-stance body, but the rest of details have been erased. Production of this next-generation hypercar will be limited to 200 or 300 units, and price tags well in excess of $3 million have been suggested by the rumor mill. We already know though it’s going to feature a Mercedes F1 hybrid-derived powertrain, but it’s not known how much the setup will change to withstand the rigors of road car driving. Of course, the powertrain is being developed at Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth, Northamptonshire. We also have hints of an all-carbonfibre construction, with an F1-style carbonfibre monocoque and F1-derived performance technology in a bid to represent a fierce rival for the other F1-inspired hypercar in the making, the Aston Martin RB-001.

Via Autocar