Leaked – MG E-Motion concept could have worn Mazda’s badge at Auto Shanghai image

We’re going to see the all-electric sports car concept gauge worldwide viewers interest – with or without the Mazda connection (most obvious at the headlight level) – when it officially premieres during the 2017 Auto Shanghai in China.

Official, leaked pictures of the new MG concept that will appear during the upcoming Shanghai motor show have surfaced on the Internet, prior to the real deal’s apparition on the catwalk. The four-seater coupe has a stylish exterior with butterfly doors and a huge front grille with a large MG badge in the center, which may be light up by LEDs. But the British automaker turned Chinese due to parentage has adopted one of the more nasty habits in the area – taking shameless inspiration from others. This time around, the headlights scream Mazda’s signature – which is a shame considering the concept looks great on its own.

Leaked - MG E-Motion concept could have worn Mazda’s badge at Auto Shanghai 5

The high tech looks is enhanced via the use of cameras instead of regular door mirrors, and there are also chunky two-tone alloy wheels, as well as what looks like a huge panoramic roof. The rear is home to a prominent diffuser, stylish taillights and an integrated spoiler lip. The “E-Motion” lettering in white detail the concept’s electric powertrain, though so far no details regarding it have perspired. Under China’s SAIC ownership, reports are telling use there’s a big chance this concept previews a series production model, signaling a return to sports cars for MG.