Leaked – Mitsubishi Lancer for China shows up with serious modifications image

We’ve been hearing more and more things about the demise of the Mitsubishi Lancer, once a beloved car of rally aficionados – but it appears there’s at least one market where the memo somehow disappeared.

We already know from official sources the Lancer will be allowed to die a long and grueling death before its demise, with Mitsubishi having so many problems there’s practically not much other than a miracle needed to save the embattled company. But that doesn’t seem to bother the Chinese affiliate, where the biggest market – also the largest sedan market – is set to receive a completely updated iteration of the Lancer. It’s not a new generation, but the leaked pictures do depict a vastly different Lancer. Europe and North America are only packing subtle updates for the 2016 model year, but China is going all wild with the styling being up to snuff with the new Outlander and Pajero Sport.

Leaked – Mitsubishi Lancer for China shows up with serious modifications 3

We have the new corporate front fascia, with the X-element connecting the grille, fog and headlights, while the rest of the car has sharp lines and creases on the hood and sides, making it look bigger and more posh. Mitsubishi and its joint venture partner also opted for new taillights, a new diffuser and more creases, together with new alloy wheels – but the obvious is still there, underneath all that new metal the architecture dates back to 2007. The spy shots also depict the interior, which this time around is unfortunately not that different from the past – only with better trimming on the dash and steering wheel. With production taking place in China and the situation of Mitsubishi being what it is we’re not expecting this one to get out of the world’s largest auto market anytime soon.

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