Chances are you actually forgot about the Suzuki Jimny’s existence – a model coming from the Japanese automaker that does enjoy a cult following due to its off-road prowess and adventurous nature.

While its first generation from 1970-1981 did look like a slimmed down WWI Jeep, the Jimny still credited Suzuki with the company’s first global success, and spanned two more generations, including the current one – which seems to have been around longer than Arnold Schwarzenegger – in automotive years, as it was presented back in 1998. The Jimny wasn;t actually modern even by those days’ standards, let alone the ones in the XXI century – but still attracted its fan base thanks to cheap off-road prowess. Now the 2019 Jimny – complete with its fourth generation – is finally out in the open, testing, as revealed on the Internet by numerous spy shots and footage. More so, the beans have spilled entirely, as images of the reworked SUV have been captured during a company presentation.

Leaked – New Suzuki Jimny keeps its rugged, adventurous appearance 3

The Jimny comes with an updated, evolutionary design that keeps the iconic lines and only adapts them for the modern times. We have the same smallish footprint, slim, horizontal grille and a set of simple headlights. The rear looks like a slimmed down Mercedes G Class, due to those bumper-placed taillights and overall boxy shape. Meanwhile, the interior features a major departure from the current generation – with new steering and touchscreen infotainment system on the dash. The same sturdy chassis and frame is to be expected, along with the company’s AllGrip Pro all-wheel drive system – and we also suspect the premiere will go down during the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.


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