Leaked official pictures show the Volvo V90 in all its glory image

The Swedish automaker will officially introduce to the world during a special even on February 18 the all new V90 station wagon, but the model just can’t stay under wraps and the first official images have already been leaked to the internet.

The introductions from Volvo are preparing to rival those from Mercedes in terms of how not to keep a secret tightly – we all recall the numerous outings of the E Class sedan or the fact that we saw the V90 for the first time a few weeks ago. Anyways, if you’re a fan of Swedish automotive design and/or of the S90 sedan that has premiered just a few weeks ago then you’ll be readily embracing the looks of the V90 station wagon. We have here a successful combination of the S90’s front end with the back half inspired by the great looking 2014 Concept Estate – and we may start feeling some love for the Chinese owners because they’re letting the Swedes express as they feel.

While being on the massive side and for sure bigger than the outgoing V70 the new V90 looks less brick-formed thanks to the arching roofline and more dynamic profile with powerful character lines. The L-shaped taillights have also remained truthful enough to the designer’s view as seen on the concept. The new V90 is going to use the Scalable Product Architecture platform that underpins the XC90 crossover and S90 sedan and will also make use of the family of new engines, coming in exclusively as four cylinder bangers.

Via autoweek.nl and autofans.be via teknikensvarld.se