Leaked – Renault Clio RS KZ 01 special edition is the hype of the day image

Renault has been going down the usual road even when talking about its impressive RS models – the Clio gets a downsized 1.6-liter turbo engine mated to a dual-clutch EDC transmission.

But the French automaker may be coming back to its usual self if the rumors and reports pouring in since the new Clio RS KZ 01 special edition has leaked turn out to be true. You can see from the leaked set of photos the design has been tweaked and enhanced a little – but we’re still more interested with the commotion under the hood. Some say that we’re now looking at the Megane RS engine, complete with its 275 horsepower credentials. We’re unsure if that’s the case since the elements still look as if taken from the Clio 220 Trophy. French media is also supporting the latter idea, as they report the KZ 01 special will pack 250 horsepower – a good 30 ponies more than in the 220 Trophy. Impressive – but more can be done – just look at the Peugeot 308 GTI with its 270 PS 1.6-liter turbo.

We can also hope the extreme engine swap is indeed the case, after all the Twin’Run had three years ago a mid-mounted V6 3.5-liter engine taken from the Megane Trophy complete with 320 PS (316 bhp) and 280 lb-ft (379 Nm). And that was stuffed inside the body of a Twingo. The Clio RS KZ 01 is tipped for official presentation during the Monaco GP on May 29 and according to the leaksters the production run will only span 500 units, available for diehard fans.

Via Clio RS Concept Facebook

  • Paul MacDonald

    I’d rather lose a limb than go through ownership of another ‘hot’ Renault – among other things the RenaultSport Clio 200 (Also the 197) came with a faulty gearbox as standard, the synchro mech degrades.

    Disgusted at Renault when the fault is well known with extremely high failures for this model, their dealers are aware of the ‘known problem’ but speak to Renault customer care and they still deny knowing anything about it…

    Hundreds of cases on the internet, Renault are not interested as it costs nearly £4,000 to fix (In a Renault dealership which are extortionate..)

    A terrible, irresponsible manufacturer and I would recommend avoiding at all costs – there are plenty good cars out there to choose from and enjoy without the misery of Renault ownership!!!