Ahead of the impending introduction of the Renault Koleos SUV replacement a purported official image of the model has made its way onto the world wide web.

The French automaker is still doing the teasing game as we all saw earlier but it appears the cat’s already out of the bag as we have an official image allegedly leaked. It depicts the new midsize SUV in all its glory and we can see a Talisman inspired presence for the Koleos replacement – considering the render is legit and indeed coming from Renault. As always up front the grille is dominated by the massive diamond logo and the front end uses the new signature shape for the full LED headlights – mirroring the appearance of the Megane compact and Talisman midsize models. The grille has metallic fins and since we’re dealing with an SUV with a Nissan platform underneath the off-road credentials are boasted via the underbody protection. The big 19-inch alloys have a two-tone design and the massive wheel arches also get some plastic body cladding.

Officials already confirmed this is Renault’s version of the Nissan X-Trail and the Koleos replacement will come exclusively in a five-seat configuration. The still unseen cabin is rumored to be directly derived from the Talisman and as such we’re going to be treated to the large portrait-styled touchscreen display of the R-Link 2 infotainment system, a digital instrument cluster, and most likely a pair of comfortable seats.


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