Leaked – Renault Megane sedan seen in owners’ manual image

The 2017 Renault Megane sedan is apparently happening, with an alleged owner’s manual illustrations depicting the design of the family-oriented model.

The French automaker has had the Megane sedan in production throughout the generations, though the latest iteration was named the Fluence. But Renault might go back to the Megane Sedan moniker with the new iteration, which is expected to hearken back to the highly successful run of the Megane II Sedan. The model has even been caught out in the open with prototypes ironing all aspects before reveal and start of production. And judging from these leaked illustrations, the main ace up the sleeve for the four-door is the all new design language. The leak appears to depict the owner’s manual of the upcoming 2017 Renault Megane Sedan, complete with illustrations, dimensions, and trunk. As per the latter, it appears the rumors of a liftback were untrue – as we can see a classic shape.

More importantly, we have the full scoop on the dimensions. And at 4,630 mm vs. 4,618 mm in length, 2,711 mm vs. 2,702 mm in wheelbase, and 2,058 mm vs. 2,037 mm in width (including mirrors), the 2017 Megane Sedan is just subtly bigger than the Fluence. Cargo capacity should also be just as good as the Fluence, which boasts 530 liters. We can imagine the official public introduction isn’t too far ahead – maybe this autumn during the Paris motor Show to allow the Megane Sedan to keep its 2017 model year credentials.

Via rnews