The French automaker is coming back to its roots of delivering really quirky – yet lovable – designs for its cars, owning it to the success of the C4 Cactus crossover.

We’re digging the latest strategy of the brand – it’s never going to compete with the top dogs in the industry, which is anyways Peugeot’s playground, so the top brass are allowing the company to come out as a fashion statement. We’ve seen this trend since the C4 Cactus became a success even the company hadn’t predicted. Now we have the C5 Aircross and the C3 supermini in the same vein, and things will get even better. Funky owners will be all around once the C3 Aircorss subcompact crossover becomes official – after all we’re seeing it in full glory ahead of time.

Leaked – Scale model shows us the new Citroen C3 Aircross 3

The uncamouflaged C3 Aircross was caught during a photo shoot and now all its design details are becoming clearer thanks to a leaked official scale model. The fashionable crossover is here with one of its customization options – many more will surely be available – a dual-tone paint scheme with orange as the main hue and white contrasting accents for the roof and part of the mirror caps. It also wears the optional “air bumps” on the sides and these have been modified compared to the C3, with the same squircle theme but sitting at the bottom of the doors and occupying less real estate.


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