The rumor mill has gone wild with assumptions pertaining to the idea that Mercedes-Maybach’s next model would be a sport utility vehicle, but here leaked is something that is so much more.

If this is indeed the real deal – Mercedes has indeed teased such an extravagant contraption – then we’re looking at the new Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet before we were officially supposed to witness it. This is nothing short of spectacular – the reports were cornering the GL-Class as the donor car for the Mercedes-Maybach conversion, but we’re really hoping this is not the case and indeed we have a Maybach based on the old-school G-Wagen. We could still eb in for a big hoax, but here’s nothing: this Instagram post and a quick video walk around show us the new G-Wagen in a different shade from the teal exterior finish and tan interior of the official teaser.

Leaked The Mercedes-Maybach SUV rumors were true – but there’s so much more to it 2

Nevertheless, the contraption is truly spectacular – we’re dealing with a Mercedes-Maybach, a G Class and a cabrio all in one vehicle. Crazy. The model – if real – will be using the now 27-year-old-platform W463 that’s been around since 1990, and could serve as the swan song for the current generation of the beloved off-roader. This new G650 comes with a foldable top and the usual luxury amenities brought by the Maybach badges. Power will allegedly be provided by the usual 6.0-liter biturbo V12 from the G65 AMG, hooking all four wheels to 630 horsepower (463 kilowatts) and 737 pound-feet (1,000 Newton-meters) of torque.


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