But since we’re talking about a product coming out of Wolfsburg, this could very well be the next generation Golf – anyways, joke aside, this looks like the facelifted Golf, with changes so subtle they will surely go unnoticed when on the road.

The German automaker introduced the seventh generation Golf about four years ago, so it’s naturally that time of year when a facelift is being cooked up for presentation during autumn’s Paris Motor Show. According to the leakster, this is the mid life cycle refresh. These images allegedly pertain to the upcoming update of the popular compact car – and more interestingly they not only depict the common hatchback, but also the wagon and feisty GTI version. While the VW designers will brag about how most of the car will actually be new, the differences between the new and former Golf would be practically unnoticeable to anyone who is not an expert in VW design.

Leaked – This could be the updated VW Golf 2

According to the rumor mill, the most important change to the Golf will be the introduction of a new pair of headlamps, which become of the full LED variety as an optional feature, unlike the current model who has such tech gizmos only on the electric e-Golf and plug in hybrid GTE. Other than that, subtle modifications might be visible on the front and rear bumpers, while there are of course new ally designs and even a trapezoidal exhaust tip integrated in the rear bumper of the standard models.

Via autoblog.nl



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