Leaked – This could very well be the Maserati Kubang image

Starting off, we have to remind you to take this with a pinch of salt since the Kubang crossover is only due out on the market in 2018 – and these leaked pictures could actually be someone’s renders.

But if it pans out, this is the first look at Maserati’s base crossover offering – called the Kubang – which should be introduced in two years time to increase the brand’s presence in the segment of the Levante. The Maserati Kubang is smaller than the recently introduced Levante and should be using the underpins of the Jeep Renegade / Fiat 500X subcompact SUVs. The Kubang moniker is also an homage to the concepts that wore the same name and were introduced way back in 2003 and 2011. By the looks of these images the stylistic department of Maserati took the easy road and simply downsized the Levante – the report also mentions the exclusivity of an all wheel drive system. The powertrain options at first will only include smallish four-cylinder 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines mated to a nine-speed automatic gearbox.

The target price point for the Kubang is allegedly around €35,000 and the flagship “Zegna” trim level would be using premium leather upholstery and even a semi-autonomous driving system. An “e-Kubang” is rumored as well, using an all electric drivetrain assembly and set for a 2019 introduction – the price point will of course be higher at around €50,000. The version is really ambitious, promising a range of more than 500 miles (804 kilometers) and dual motors pushing out a combined total output of 300 horsepower. There’s also word of a high-performance Kubang MC Stradale that would bring forth a very noble 4.7-liter V8 engine churning out somewhere in the vicinity of 600 horsepower – which should be enough for a 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint of no more than four seconds.

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Leaked – This could very well be the Maserati Kubang 0