Leaked – This is the futuristic Qoros Koenigsegg Model K-EV image

Sounds like Kal-El is looking to take a break from Superman duties – including flight – inside this futuristic model, but we’ll have to reserve full judgement for the official presentation at the Auto Shanghai next week.

The model has actually been leaked in a few official images by a local Chinese media outlet, so we’re not actually getting the full scoop on the model set to premiere next week at Auto Shanghai. We do know this is an all-new electric supercar jointly developed by Qoros and Koenigsegg – though as far as we see, this is a concept, not a production ready vehicle. No confirmed details have been released so far, but we do get the chance to see the interesting design, which apparently features some form of asymmetrical door configuration.

Leaked - This is the futuristic Qoros Koenigsegg Model K-EV 2

On the driver’s side we glimpse a huge front gullwing door and there’s also a reported sliding rear passenger door. Meanwhile, the front door on the right side might be dual hinged – but since we’re dealing with poor quality images it’s hard to tell. There’s also word of extensive use of carbon fiber for a lightweight assembly that maxes performance and efficiency, and “Model K-EV” should come with a form of electrified powertrain. The Qoros model should sprint to 62 mph (100 mph) in a mere three seconds and boast a maximum electric range of about 310 miles (500 kilometers).

Via AutoHome