Leaked – This is the VW Tiguan Allspace for China image

The first purported official images of the new VW Tiguan version have made their way onto the Internet, showcasing in this instance the version for the world’s biggest auto market – China.

Called Tiguan L there, the first official images of the Tiguan Allspace appear just after VW kicked off the teasing campaign for the new seven-seat SUV model. The compact high-riding model is everything we had expected – a longer Tiguan with a stretched wheelbase and without any styling differentiations to set it apart from the smaller, five-seat brother. Yes, it does have longer rear doors and a flatter roofline but please Volkswagen, stop making Xerox copies out of your models. Anyways, the same goes for the interior – as expected, which is a simple carry over.


Anyways, the difference to the regular version lies in the 11 centimeters (4.3 inches) of added length between the two axles to enable a three-row interior. Of course, we’re betting the rear-most seats will only be comfy for small children. Folding the latter will give the Tiguan Allspace a cargo capacity of more than the 615 liters offered by the standard model. The same MQB architecture will underpin the new Allspace and a wide array of powertrain options will be available depending on the market of choice – Europe, China or North America.

Via autonocion.com and autoweek.nl