Registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), this concept is allegedly belonging to Volkswagen and has autonomous capabilities alongside sci-fi design.

This is a very long, low-slung coupe with a massive front and bulky rear that also features a prominent central fin at the rear. The silhouette of the car was most likely designed with aerodynamic efficiency as the main characteristic, though it could also look very spectacular when completed. The front end is barren of a conventional windshield, while at the back it appears to sport an automatically deployable rear spoiler. The side profile is adorned with a couple of massive gullwing doors and has long front and rear overhangs.


The styling has pretty much nothing in common with VW’s current styling language, but it’s clearly not your everyday concept and these patent designs are more along the line of painting a general picture, not the actual deal that would be presented during the motor shows. The car could also feature a fully electric powertrain and autonomous driving capabilities. We should see this concept at an auto show in the near future or not at all – since not all designs do materialize even if they were registered with a patent bureau.


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