The world of the automotive industry has its fair share of secrets – namely new models that need to be kept under tight wraps until the auspicious moment for its introduction arises.

But since modern technology has impacted every aspect of our lives these hard kept secrets are harder and harder to contain – the leak covering the 2016 Mazda CX-9 is one of the numerous examples in this direction. While the official debut could be just days away and taking place during the Los Angeles Auto Show, the large SUV has already shared its exterior and interior design thanks to what appear to be screenshots from a private webpage. The teaser showcased earlier this month showed us a sleek body – and the CX-9 mostly delivers, thanks to numerous cues being snatched from the Koeru concept. Naturally, the production form has its own rules and regulations so the CX-9 might not look as sleek as we were allowed to believe so far. The all new generation of the three-row, seven-seat large sport utility vehicle developed by Japanese brand Mazda still comes with a major design revolution compared to the predecessor and has a dynamic flair thanks to the short front and rear overhangs.

The interior is an evolution of what we have already seen on the Mazda6 sedan or the CX-5 crossover and upscale trim can be seen as we’re treated in the leak to a version with full leather upholstery in a copper shade. Powertrain details are not expected until the actual release but we can be sure all the latest and greatest from the Skyactiv range of technologies will be put to good use.



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