Is it ever a good time for a child to learn how to drive in the eyes of a parent? Many parents take the stance that 16 years old is too young to get your license. They fear that the child isn’t responsible enough at 16 to handle the privileges of driving. There is also the matter of providing car insurance for young drivers to consider. However, those parents may be missing the bigger picture.


There is a reason the new driver must have a licensed adult driver with them when they have their permit. A licensed adult driver has experience and can teach the new driver about safety on the road. Having a licensed driver with a permit holder is a standard process throughout the UK because of the safety factors involved. If the permit holder is scared or driving dangerously, the licensed driver can take over and safely return them home.

Learning Curve

Teenager’s brains are already in the mode for learning. They are better able to retain the information learned from the driver’s manual and during the driving lessons. Learning to drive is more difficult for someone who is older and more set in their ways.


The child turns 18, graduates high school and goes off to college. That is a stressful time for a parent. Let’s add the excited phone call from the new adult telling the parents that they just got their permit. If they had gotten their permit at 16 or 17, the parent would have had the opportunity to see the teenager in action behind the wheel. They would have already seen the difference in the driving abilities from the beginning permit stage to the unrestricted license stage. That would be one less thing for the parent to worry about while the teen is off at college.

Car Insurance

Car insurance for young drivers can be costly. Teenage driver coverage can be quite expensive because of the higher likelihood that the inexperienced teens will get into more accidents. However, the cost of insurance for drivers in their early-20s is not much better, if at all.

Putting the teenager on your car insurance might be the least expensive option. The insurance company is likely to have a discount rate based on your loyalty to them, and it is likely the young driver will be listed as a secondary driver on your vehicle.

The decision to allow 16 and 17 year olds to get their learner’s permit and, ultimately, their driver’s license does lie with the parents, there are several good reasons why learning to drive at this age is more beneficial than waiting until they are older.




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