LEGO delivers another amazing car model – the iconic VW Beetle image

Call us geeks but whenever LEGO delivers a fresh new auto model to its collection we’re jumping around like kids – and more so when we’re talking about a motoring icon.

This new model is actually not so new, since it’s based on a very old model. It’s the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle – and comes complete with a beautiful body shade and other ‘60s themed elements such as the surfboard for the roof rack and period-correct hubcaps. Titled the LEGO Creator Expert set 10252, this one is not for those lacking patience since it comes with 1,167 pieces and when complete will measure 11 inches high, 10 inches long, and four inches wide. You can remove the roof to admire the beige brick interior with movable seats, and the doors, hood, and trunk all open. You can access the spare tire from the front and at the back you can also gaze the little air-cooled four. Other highlights include the surf stickers on the rear window, or the choice of four decals for the license plates, including a surfer-appropriate California design and one from Wolfsburg, Germany.

LEGO delivers another amazing car model – the iconic VW Beetle 3

Of course, with such an iconic model, this is certainly not the first set for the VW Beetle. There are others much brickier, as for the latest one designers even had to create a new curved piece for the bumpers in order to have them look right. The new blue Bug will be up for grabs starting August 1 and the retail price is of $99.99.