SEAT is today unveiling the first details of Leon Ecomotive Prototype.

The one-off prototype has been cleverly re-engineered to include a 545-litre (120-gallon) fuel tank which, working on the basis of the new Ecomotive’s extra urban economy figure of 83.1 mpg, gives the ultra-green Leon the unique ability to cover a full 10,000 miles between fill-ups.

Since the SEAT comes with a 12-month/10,000-mile service interval as standard, the new prototype model need only ever be fuelled by a SEAT dealer.  As such, the car is not fitted with a conventional fuel filler flap or cap, the diesel instead being refilled via a special nozzle in the boot.

Even higher mileage drivers covering, for example, 12,000 miles a year could collect their car in, say, June and then look forward to ten months of unstoppable motoring before their vehicle’s first scheduled 10,000-mile service and an April fuel stop.

Of course to accommodate this extra-large fuel tank SEAT’s engineers have had to significantly rework the Leon’s interior layout.  Out have come the rear seats to be replaced, instead, by the enlarged tank which fits neatly into the space vacated by the three seats.

A handy luggage space sits atop the extra-large fuel tank, meaning the Leon Ecomotive Prototype remains as practical as it is economical.


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