[Video] Lexani Cadillac Escalade Concept One unveiled image

Lexani Motors has revealed its take on a highly personalized and luxurious new-generation Escalade. The company is not a tuning house, even if the models coming out of their “hands” are definitely upgraded.

Instead, Lexani Motors is a gathering of craftsmen that focus on creating, designing and producing bespoke parts – that’s why the 2015 Escalade ESV looks conspicuously unimpressive (well, I mean, if next to other Escalades) on the outside. Enter inside the cabin and be marveled at the attention to detail and try to find all the Easter Eggs left by the utterly modified interior. According to Lexani, every single detail of the passenger compartment has been modified to turn the Escalade into a state of the art super deluxe limousine, complete with Perimeter armor.

In the back – where all the action actually happens in this instance, there are two six-way power executive seats in Italian leather featuring heating and massage functions. The passengers sitting there will get a 40? Samsung LED Smart TV in place of the divider, 7? video monitor stations, iPads to control the numerous functions, a “Maybach” style raised roof and the list could go on for another five minutes. As you would imagine, all the work done here is not cheap, with the Escalade Concept One costing $320,000.