Lexus and GMC Lead JD Power Customer-Service Rankings image

Lexus and GMC service departments got the highest ratings in JD Power & Associates latest survey on customer service.

This is the first time when GMC manages to take the top spot of the rankings, according to Chris Sutton, senior director of automotive retail for J.D. Power. The survey was made at the end of 2012 on more than 91, 000 owners or leasers of 2008 to 2012 model-year cars. The rankings were based on five measures which determined overall satisfaction regarding the dealer service. These measures are: “service quality, service initiation, service advisor, service facility and vehicle pickup,” J.D. Power says in its report.

Toyota’s Lexus brand took the first spot in the luxury automakers segment with a total score of 862, offered for its overall quality, service facilities and performance in service initiation. The second place in the luxury segment was taken by Cadillac with 858 points, followed by Jaguar with 856 points, Acura with 852 and Infiniti with 848.

GMC was the leader of the mass-market brands with 819 points, as drivers said that GMC “performs particularly well in service initiation, service advisor, service facility and service quality,” J.D. Power said. The top five mass-market brands were GMC, Mini with 810, Buick with 809, Chevrolet with 806 and VW with 804.

“Manufacturers and the dealerships are streamlining the process, greeting customers quickly, making it easier to get appointments,” Sutton said. “They are moving faster on the paperwork. Service advisors are doing better at setting expectations and communicating the status of the work.”