Lexus managed to surpass Mercedes-Benz and BMW with auto sales up 34% in August.

In 2011 Lexus lost the first place in the US as the top-selling luxury auto brand and this year it is the first time when it manages to beat both BMW and Mercedes, its tough German competitors, and become no.1 in monthly sales since December 2010, with 24,237 vehicles sold.

Unfortunately Lexus is only the month winner as it is still behind BMW and Mercedes for the year. In August Mercedes’ US sales were up 11% to 20,557 units, more than 3,800 vehicles over BMW, which after increased sales in July due to incentives for demo vehicles, saw a drop of 19% in August to 16,835 vehicles.

Last year BMW surpassed Lexus becoming the US top-selling luxury brand, but for the first eight months of this year the automaker managed to sell 164,636 units, up 5.6%, but still under Mercedes’ 14% increase, to 168,462 units through August. In 2011 Mercedes’ was beat by BMW with a difference of 2,715 deliveries in the States.

“With an all-time record setting year so far and now with exciting products in the pipeline, including the all-new GL-Class currently on its way to dealers across the country, we plan to build on this momentum through the end of the year,” said Steve Cannon, head of Mercedes in the U.S.


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