Lexus creates world first virtual reality program for NX launch image

The launch campaign in Europe of the latest Lexus product, the NX crossover, includes a digital first – the ability to virtually explore and test-drive the new model through Oculus Rift’s VR technology.

The “Striking Angles” launch campaign for the premium compact crossover focuses on a daring new “driving” experience, created by Toyota’s luxury brand together with Oculus Rift and global digital marketing, commerce and technology agency Amaze – the usual strategic partner for Lexus when it comes to digital content.

“The ground-breaking new technology, which provides consumers with an immersive virtual experience, very much mirrors the tone and stylizations of the Lexus Striking Angles campaign. It is an integral part of the launch – offering consumers a unique and personal way to experience the NX – building anticipation and creating a buzz. We are really excited to break new ground and keep our brand at the forefront of innovation in the digital space,” says Alain Uyttenhoven, head of Lexus Europe.

Buyers can use the very latest DK2 Oculus Rift headsets to virtually explore the model using an immersive and interactive car configurator, which allows the creation of a user-unique NX by selecting from a range of features. More interestingly, the consumers can also have a virtual driving experience, testing the car through a multi-dimensional urban landscape.