Lexus is coming to India in 2013 image

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has recently announced that it will introduce its luxury brand Lexus in India in 2013, and the first models to arrive in the Asian country will be the LS, RX and the new GS.

According to the car manufacturer, the decision of bringing the luxury brand Lexus to India has been taken after Toyota has looked at the growing Asian market for a few years and has come to a conclusion that there is enough demand to create a new presence there. Toyota has recently announced that the first Lexus models to arrive on the Indian market will be the LS sedan, the RX line of SUVs and the new GS.

“We have been watching India with keen interest and we are happy to announce that we will bring Lexus to India in 2013. We would rather have a few, quality dealerships than a large number of mediocre outlets”, said the Toyota Motor Corporation executive vice president, Yukitoshi Funo.

Lexus is the luxury division of the Japanese based automaker Toyota Motor Corporation and it has been first introduced in 1989 in the United States, quickly becoming Japan’s largest selling make of premium cars. The Lexus marque has been marketed in more than 70 countries worldwide, being also ranked among the ten largest Japanese global brands in market value.

  • Dipanjan Roy

    This is a great news for all the car enthusiasts in India, that lexus will be soon in india. India has a very wide market for luxury cars. (