Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus is planning to introduce a new model over the next three years which will be inspired by the LF-LC concept car.

Remembering the Lexus LF-LC concept car is not that difficult considering the fact that this is one of the best looking one-off vehicles produced lately and also that it has been presented in a lot of automotive events throughout the globe. But it seems that the LF-LC will not die as it is said to sport a production model over the next three years. According to the model in question will be named the SC and it should be hitting the market in 2017.

The new Lexus SC is supposed to be the successor of the LFA and it seems that the vehicle has been already created in natural size but it is still being modeled. The Japanese automotive media is stating that the new SC will get a carbon fiber and aluminum body to keep its weight down and its performance up. Keep in mind that the LFA supercar also had a carbon fiber body created by Lexus in its own facility. The last Lexus LFA was produced in 2012 and after 500 units assembled, production has stopped.


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