The Larte Design tuning house has operated some pretty extensive work for the transformation of the large Lexus LX 570 into an equally large but borderline mad aggressive new car, dubbed the “Alligator.”

While the highly modified appearance of the model won’t be to everyone’s liking, there’s no denying that the work on the LX 570 has transformed the model, now having a “predator-like appearance.” So, rappers around the world rejoice – the car that can say you’re a threat to everyone has arrived, and now you don’t even have to play load that odd music.

The front fascia has been completely redesigned, while the side and rear bumper continue the aggressive design, with the new aspect completed by the LED daytime running lights, the Remus exhaust in the back and the 22-inch five-spoke alloys that sport a matte dark finish. The entire body kit has been made by the German tuner out of high-quality fiberglass. The Australian exhaust specialists from Remus have also incorporated into the new pipes an electronic valve control, giving the 5-meter long SUV a “roaring” voice.

The tuner has given no details on any powertrain modifications, so most likely the 5.7-liter V8 engine that churns out 383 bhp (286 kW) and 403 lb-ft (546 Nm) of torque has been left untouched.



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