Lexus milestone: 500,000 hybrids sold worldwide image

The Japanese based automaker Lexus has recently announced a milestone in terms of sale, after the company has managed to sell more than 500, 000 hybrids worldwide.

According to the car manufacturer, after the RX 400h crossover was launched back in 2005, the gate has opened and now Lexus is the automaker which is offering more hybrid cars than any other company out there, like the ES 300h four-door, the sports sedan GS 450h, the RX 450h midsize crossover, the entry-level hatchback CT 200h or the LS 600 L flagship sedan.

Lexus has managed to sell 3,724 hybrid cars in November in the United States, which total 16,4 percent and since 2005, Toyota’s luxury brand has managed to find more than 500,000 new owners for its hybrid vehicles. The most successful model was the RX 400h / 450h, with 259,000 units sold until now, being shortly followed by the entry-level hatchback, the CT 200h, with 122,000 units sold. The models were followed by the HS 250h, with 56,000 units sold, by the GS 450h with 32,000 units sold, by the LS 600h with 29,000 units sold and by the ES 300h with 8,000 units sold.

Source: Lexus