Lexus Sets Sales Target of 80,000 in China image

Lexus set the target of 80, 000 cars to be sold in China this year. In 2011 Lexus ’81 dealers sold 56, 000 vehicles, so the new target would be with 56.3% higher than the previous year.

It has to be mentioned the fact that at the beginning of the last year Lexus set a sales target of 63,000. But, because of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, and the changes that were brought in economy, this goal was not fulfilled, even if the company had introduced several beautiful brand new models, such as the CT 200h hybrid.

Lexus managed to sell more than 210,000 cars since 2005, the year when it arrived in China. The company now boosts 15 models, out of which 4 are gasoline-electric hybrids.

The Japanese automaker now focuses on producing cars with small-displacement engines and hybrid powertrains. Although from 2005 to 2007 the sales doubled from year to year, in 2008/2009 the pace slowed because of the increased taxes for the cars with large engines.
This is what made the company rethink its strategy and begin to produce cars with small engines and hybrid models. In 2010 Lexus sold 53,000 cars.

But the company is still behind its German competitors: Audi sold more than 30,000 in 2011, BMW around 232,000 and Mercedes-Benz surpassed 198,000.