Lexus still does not plan to manufacture vehicles in China, even if more automakers have turned their attention towards the world’s largest auto market.

Executive vice president of Lexus International and Mark Templin, managing officer of Toyota Motor Corporation, said that the automaker still needs to further analyze the Chinese market before taking a decision regarding domestic production. Mr. Templin said that Lexus has not yet started discussions regarding the possibility of manufacturing vehicles in China.

Before even considering China production, Lexus has to complete several tasks, among which establishing its own independent sales channel. Currently, Lexus has around 100 4S dealerships in the Asian country, less compared with rivals Audi, BWM and Mercedes.

Earlier this year Lexus topped the 2013 Consumer Reports quality ranking with eight of its models. Lexus received the most points, while parent company Toyota got the fourth place. Consumer Reports recommends 100% of Lexus’ line-up, praising the automaker for its reliable, quiet and plush models.

This year Consumer Reports changed its ranking system, focusing on brands rather than individual automakers. The second place was taken by Subaru, while on the third spot we find Mazda.



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