Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus has released a first teaser image with the so-called GT6 Vision Concept, which should be officially revealed over the following weeks.

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has already teased a new concept car aimed towards the Gran Turismo 6 video game and it’s believed that this is offering a first preview into a possible successor of the iconic Supra and now time has come for Lexus to do the same thing, which is releasing a teaser image with a brand new model. The so-called Lexus GT6 Vision Gran Turismo will become available in a package of DLC (Downloadable Content).

According to the car manufacturer, the Lexus GT6 Vision Concept’s DLC will commemorate the 15th anniversary of the racing game series. The image posted above isn’t showing us too much of what the new vehicle will be like but we can still spot the silhouette and this is actually reminding us of the LF-LC concept car, which was said to hit the market in a couple of years. Sadly we have no details on the new Lexus GT6 Vision Concept but chances are that the carmaker will officially pull the wraps off its body over the following weeks.


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