Lexus tries to find Wakanda but arrives at SEMA with LC Black Panther image

If you’re a diehard Lexus fan you might even call this release as being “marvelous” – but when judging from the sideline we can imagine the association might be a bit polarizing…

We’re eagerly awaiting for the new installments in Marvel’s cinematic universe, particularly the mostly black cast film Black Panther slated for a release in February 2018 – given how DC’s Wonder Woman performed at the box office and in the mind of fans. Here’s here to Hollywood’s gender and color revolution – it was due for a long time ago. Anyways, the Lexus LC duo arriving as tie in marketing might be called a little cheesy – but consider this, we’re dealing with a SEMA release and the idea is that we’re going to see them in action in a movie where an African nation hides technological secrets that might enable them to visit outer worlds with ease.

Lexus tries to find Wakanda but arrives at SEMA with LC Black Panther 4

One of the cars is a direct tie in, while the other is a special edition customers can actually snatch – but better hurry because there’s a limited 100 units production schedule. We’re dealing with 2018 Lexus LC 500 from the new Inspiration Series, all 100 units being exclusive to the United States, and adding a bespoke white interior, special 21-inch wheels, carbon fiber scuff plates, and a snazzy barware set from Barneys. It’s the Structural Blue edition version for the US, which is what you might consider tame when viewed next to the other. The second LC features Black Panther’s face on the hood, claws on the mirrors, a unique wide-body kit, and a series of sci-fi touches such as a “brain/computer interface” that allows for a very special relationship between the car and the driver.