Toyota recently unveiled a luxury road bike manufactured under the Lexus brand.

The luxury road bike will cost $10,000 and will be available in Japan. The bike is fitted with a carbon fiber reinforced plastic frame, also used for the Lexus LFA body, which is the Japanese automaker’s top-end sports car model. The company manufactured only 100 units of this bike, which states the fact the it was produced only to improve the automaker’s image, by fitting in a bike materials and technology used for vehicles.

“Bikes have been used as a marketing tool by auto makers for decades. Jeep has used them, Mercedes-Benz, many others. It’s mostly a gimmick,” said Drew Winter, editor-in-chief of Wards Auto. “I remember test riding a Mercedes branded bike 10 or 15 years ago. It was very nice, but it cost about $3,000.”

Each Lexus dealership had the opportunity to buy one and Lexus US corporate offices had the option to purchase two. One in white and one showing the exposed carbon fiber finish.

“Whether it’s manufacturing luxury cars or constructing high-end bicycles, Lexus is committed to pursuing perfection,” said Nancy Hubbell, lifestyle manager at Toyota Motor Corp.’s Lexus brand. “For the Lexus F SPORT road bike, we incorporated technology and materials developed for our LFA Supercar to create this limited-edition model.”



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