Lexus unveils the new turbocharged NX Compact SUV image

Lexus has just unveiled the new 2015 Lexus NX compact crossover – the brand’s first compact model powered by a turbocharged engine.  The 2015 NX luxury model will also be available with a natural aspirated and hybrid powertrain, the Japanese automaker announced in the official press statement.

Compared to the concept model that was unveiled last year during the Frankfurt Motor Show, the production ready NX looks almost the same – with sharp-edged lines, heavily raked windscreens – a design that Lexus says is perfect to an urban lifestyle.

It measures almost the same length as a Toyota Corolla – 164 cm (182.7 inch) in length, 187 cm (73.6 inch) wide, and 161 cm (63.4 inches) tall.
In the U.S, the upcoming crossover will be offered with the turbocharged engine; in the NX 200t will the NX 300h will get the hybrid powertrain. Lexus says the F Sport package will be available with unique exterior and interior features.


The Japanese automaker hasn’t released any official specs for the powertrains – but most probably the NX 300h hybrid will get the same powertrain that is under the RC 300h’s.bbonnet –  a 2.5-liter four-cylinder 176 hp petrol engine paired with a Lexus Hybrid Drive system that will add about 105 kilowatts (140 horsepower).

How much hp the turbocharged model will have we don’t know yet, but considering that the IS 250 has 204 – we do expect to have between 240 and 280 hp. The new petrol unit is expected to be available at a later date on other Lexus models such the IS and GS sedan – and maybe on the larger RX SUV. Toyota already announced yesterday that plans to present 14 new engines by the end of 2015 to boost fuel efficiently by at least 10 percent – so the NX will probably get other powertrains in the near future.

Underpinning Lexus’s new NX is a modified version of the platform found in the Toyota RAV4 – and as expected the model will get front wheel drive as standard and AWD as an optional.

The NX will be presented to the public next week during the 2014 Beijing Auto Show (which gets underway April 20) – and is expted to hit the market in the last quarter of 2014.

According to LMC Automotive, the Japanese automaker will sell about 2,720 NX crossovers next year.