The Japanese automaker is carefully presenting bits and pieces of its upcoming UX Concept, set to premiere in front of the worldwide audience during the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

The company has now provided a first glimpse of the prototype’s futuristic interior that seems to have its place in a new science-fiction movie. There’s an entirely new and innovative 3D Human Machine Interface (HMI) that aims to have a completely “immersive” experience for the owner. The usual touchscreen setup has been ditched in favor of a facetted crystal structure and the interior is also barren of any buttons or dials. There’s a holographic display that combines analogue and digital information to present the user with air conditioning, infotainment, music, etc. – drivers can interact with at the touch of their fingertips.

The instrument cluster, meanwhile, sees Lexus using a transparent, floating globe that reads speed and miles per gallon, with digital connection for the driver. The door mirrors have also been discarded in favor of cameras that can send images to the central globe, while the switchgear, windows, and door locks are actuated through electrostatic technology. The edgy and overall futuristic design continues everywhere, with the dash acting as a sound bar built into the passenger side of the vehicle.



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