LG Display aims to become a big automotive industry player image

The South Korean company, the second-biggest panel maker globally, aims to capture around 30% of the automotive display market, effectively doubling its worldwide market share in the process.

LG Display is best known as one of the biggest suppliers of screens for Apple’s iPhones. Now, the company – which has rivals like Japan Display or Sharp – has started the testing process for organic light-emitting diode technology, to be used in the flat panels supplied to German automakers, according to James Shin, head of LG Display’s Automotive Business. Capturing 30% of the auto screen market would allow it to almost double the segment’s market share by 2018.

“People are now watching TVs at home and using smartphones while moving, but in the near future they will be able to work and watch movies in the car,” Shin said an interview. “Cars will eventually become another cultural and living space. What carmakers are dreaming of eventually is vehicles that are entirely covered in displays,” Shin added.

Technology companies from LG Display to Nvidia Corp. have taken a huge interest lately in the vehicle market, as the cars today are increasingly more technological then just a decade ago. The scope moves towards using panels throughout the cabin, increasing their use from navigation and control displays.

Via Bloomberg