With more and more manufacturers and startups bringing to market new electrified vehicles, and demand on the rise, it seems entering the business of producing lithium-ion batteries is a good way to ensure success on the long run.

Tesla Inc., the company that not only produces electric cars, but also batteries and battery packs as well as solar cells, threw itself head on in the game, partnering with Japan’s Panasonic to start construction on the Gigafactory – a Li-Ion battery plant set to become the largest in the world when full construction is completed. Others have joined the party since – Mercedes-Benz recently announced a battery factory in Germany through Daimler’s fully-owned subsidiary Accumotive and LG Chem and Samsung SDI are other, established, battery providers.

And companies such as Energy Absolute Pcl, a Thailand-based solar specialist, believe demand will far greatly exceed current production, which is why they recently announced the start of their own battery production project. It will cost $2.9 billion, with work on the battery plant construction set to commence in 2018 for a full capacity of 50 GWh when completed. “We will choose just one location for the manufacturing plant,” commented CEO Amorn Sapthaweekul. “We would prefer to have the plant in Thailand, which will be beneficial for the country’s development.”

Via Bloomberg


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