The German coupe is used to high Autobahn speeds but it might need to approach the ramps careful in this aftermarket mod because it downright gets down lo’.

Anyone who’s ever cared about the tuning scene – and we’re not talking about seeing the Fast and Furious installments – knows about the reputation of noted aftermarket tuner Liberty Walk. Every time they take on a new project you can rest assured it won’t pass unnoticed – though in this case we’re not sure it’ll be able to pass at all, given the propensity for speed bumps in Europe. Nevertheless, the previous-generation C-Class in its most extreme form, the Mercedes-AMG C63 is looking extremely menacing – and if anyone is able to take the coupe on any street that would be Darth Vader (some levitation skills required).

As usual, the Japanese company has not only lowered the car – the kit also comes with a splitter, side skirts, and a black lacquered spoiler. The grille, as well as the mirror shells and the rims were also blacked out. And of course, the Liberty Walk signature widebody fender flares are also here. In case you like to scrape the tarmac along with your entire family, the company can also bestow the same treatment on the C63 Sedan. The only performance upgrade has to do with the suspension upgrade – but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap – the full carbon fiber kit is $17,620 or $12,870 in case you want a fiber-reinforced plastic version.

Liberty Walk Mercedes-AMG C63 is a statement 1


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